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Howdy friends and neighbors.  What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?!  Something must be out of kilter.  Is kilter a word?  Ha, I just looked it up in my 1972 Webster’s Dictionary and it is indeed a word.  It means “good condition: order.”  So back to my original thought, something is out of kilter.  Mars must be spinning backwards while Venus and Mercury are sitting on top of each other.  The salmon must be swimming sideways and the geese are headed west for the winter.  The beavers are digging drainage canals and politicians are telling the whole truth! (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  So who do I vote for in Oklahoma’s governor’s race?   Jari or Mary?  That’s the question.  Democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, blond or blond, I think.  Well, let’s just look at what’s going on around my place this year and see which way I should vote.

Oh, it’s been a good year for Tucker Cattle Company this past year.  We had wheat pasture last spring and the price of feeder cattle got close to a record high.  The wheat market rallied in the summer to a respectable level and we got just enough rain to make a hay crop and grow some grass.  I’m pretty sure neither the D’s nor R’s had anything to do with cattle or wheat markets or the fact that it rained.  So what’s next? (more…)

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 Howdy friends and neighbors.  Well I’m finally back at the keyboard pounding out another mess for your reading enjoyment or coffee shop debate.  Been busy sowing wheat and even busier running grasshoppers off what wheat had managed to come up.  We still have so many grasshoppers that they have to work in shifts because there is not enough for all of them to eat at once.  I even saw some grasshoppers wearing little tiny miner helmets with super small carbine lights on them so the night shift can see what they are eating.    

 Here is where I eat a slice of humble pie because my frost flower let me down this year.  It predicted a frost in early October but so far my thermometer has only gotten down to 39 degrees.  No frost yet.  But, and this is a stretch for a but, but it did frost in central Oklahoma last week.  So my flower was off by 200 miles.  Not bad in my book.   Maybe my frost flower knew the grasshoppers would be working nights and decided to bloom early to avoid them. 

 I hate to put a friend on the spot but this text message story is just too funny to leave on the shelf this week.  Okay, I have to set the stage for this little funny that happened recently.  I am a proud member and volunteer firefighter of the Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department.  One of our major policies prohibits any alcohol while on duty as a fireman including work nights and training meetings.  It’s a great policy that has been in place as long as I’ve been on the department.  Reasons for the policy are quite obvious.    (more…)

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