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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Fall is here!  This is my time of year.  I like it when you start the day off wearing a light pullover.  The sun is peaking over the eastern horizon, steam is floating over the creeks and ponds, and freshly weaned calves are starting to bawl.  The old diesel feed truck takes a bit more care to get her started.  The summer grass is starting to fade to a lighter brown as I think to myself that the feed route, with a stop at the coffee shop, will soon be routine.  Out to the pens I go to check on the new crop of calves that are becoming accustomed to life on their own.  I sip some Dr. Pepper as the calves wander around with the sun shining on them and steam lifting from their backs.  A brave one comes forward to get a good smell of the cow dog standing guard under the pipe fence.  “Pepper” just can’t stand the fact that the juvenile bovine is invading his personal space and takes a quick snap at him. (more…)


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