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Howdy friends and neighbors, I’m in a dealing mood!  Let’s make a deal.  This has been an extremely good year for wild sand plumbs.  I will give a fully-guided sand plumb hunt including buckets, 4-wheelers, Deep Woods Off and Neosporin in return for some sand plumb jelly.  Yep, for the low price of one out of every eight jars you put up I will take you right to the heart of sand plumb utopia.  Sound good?

And next I will consult with my election forecasting eleven-year-old cow dog “Pepper the Wonder Dog” to tell you who the winners will be in the primary election.  Oh it’s true that not only can Pepper lay under stock trailers and create confusion among the bovines as I try to inspire them to load up or bark at commercial jet planes cruising at 30,000 feet at 2:30 AM or herd barn cats away from his dinner bowl, but yes he has a gift of predicting election outcomes just a few days before the big day.  Now where is his scooby snack? (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors, Summer time!  I kinda have to laugh a little every time I hear a news report about it being hot.  Yeah… it’s July in Oklahoma.  I think it is supposed to be hot.  I do still remember an ice storm back in January and wishing for some of that July heat.

 Well I have been away from my computer the past several weeks as the Fourth of July rolled by and then my family and I went on a vacation.  The Tuckers and an RV headed north.  We planned this adventure for a while so we could attend a family reunion of my wife’s mother’s family in Spiritwood, North Dakota.  OK, I can hear the snickers and remarks already about why in the world anyone would take a vacation to go to a family reunion in North Dakota.  On the contrary, it was right down my ally!  I looked at a map and to get from Sunny Point, OK, to Spiritwod, ND I got to drive through the heartland of the US.  No interstates, no huge cities, nothing but open country and I loved it!  Well, there was the fact that we were going to be living for ten days in a 29ft rented RV that we named “Daisy.”  I have never traveled in an RV before, excuse me, a “coach” before, so I packed everything I thought I would need in a worst case scenario.  Now, I’m a big boy, so first I packed three grills: gas, electric, and charcoal. My wife packed plenty of red meat and taters.  I packed all the portable chairs plus I had a table.

 I then packed all the tools that I could fit into a plastic tub: a lug wrench, bottle jack, crescent, 8 feet of baling wire, hammer, pipe wrench, socket set, wire strippers, screwdrivers, pry bars, log chain, allen wrenches, wheel chocks, 20 feet of rope, extension cords, garden hoses and most importantly a good pair of CeeTee pliers!  Then we threw in a 12 gauge and some fishing poles.  Hey, I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it!  We filled every compartment with something.  Put $128.29 worth of 87 octane in and pointed Daisy north.  She blazed a trail with all 10 cylinders and ran like champ.

 Beautiful country!  We traveled through farm land, ranch land, State parks, grass lands, wild life preserves and lots of small towns.  My wife and I liked best the sand hills of Nebraska between McCook and Valentine.  They have had lots of rain this year and the grass was belly deep and the water was clear blue.  But the best part about it, there was no one in our way!  No traffic at all!

We had a great time at the family reunion as well.  It was laid back with tons of food and great company.  Spritwood is a lot like Sunny Point except its farther north and about 4 times as big.  From there we filled up Daisy again with gas (this happened a lot) and headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota.   WOW! I never knew what that area was like.  It’s beautiful there and there are lots of fun things to do but way too many people for me.  Oh yeah, we saw Mt. Rushmore and no they haven’t started Barry’s face yet.  (I just had to throw that in didn’t I…?)

 Well, Daisy got us back home without a hitch so none of the tolls I packed ever saw daylight except for my trusty CeeTee pliers.  It was lots of fun and we have lots of good memories to remember.

 My final point is that I’m so blessed to be able to take such a trip.  I am so blessed to live in a nation that allows me to do so.  I know I’m weird because I enjoyed seeing beauty in land that many think is torture to pass through.  I was looking for that wide open nothingness and finding the beauty in it instead of complaining about it!

 I’m Monte Tucker and that is what’s under my hat.

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