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Howdy friends and neighbors. Last week at the end of my political rant I said, “Now back to cows and plows.”  But, I just have one more thing to add.

 Can we taxpaying Americans get some of that drilling mud and concrete and then borrow that 700 ton cement dome from BP and start using it on congress to try to slow down all the barrels of money that spewing from Washington D.C.????  Where’s the great Red Adair and Boots and Coots with their barrel full of dynamite when we need ‘em? (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  What in the wide, wide world of politics is going on here?!   Boy, it’s been a long time since I let loose on politics and I’m ready to warm it up!  Give ‘em both barrels, turn the cat out of the bag, stir up the wasp nest and/or step on some feet!

 First, partisan politics on a local or county level has to be one of the most frustrating parts of the whole messed up two worthless-party system.  I have been a resident of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma for 11 years now and I have never been able to vote for either candidate for county commissioner, county assessor or county clerk!  Just a couple of years ago I finally got to vote for my State Representative for the first time.  And once again, this summer, I will not be able to vote for either candidate running for county commissioner in my district.  The above mentioned offices have more influence over issues that directly affect me than most other offices but I have no say so in whom I would choose to represent me.  Have you ever heard the phrase “taxation without representation?”   (more…)

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 In honor of all the harvest crews bringing in the 2010 crop, here’s a column I wrote a few years ago just for you.

 Howdy friends and neighbors.  Look out! No, it’s not the Hillary express!  It’s a loaded wheat truck headed for town.  Wheat harvest is in full swing in Western Oklahoma as combines eat their way through the crop.

 Have you ever stopped to notice all the colors of harvest?   I mean there are more different shades of colors of trucks, tractors, combines, grain carts, service trucks, fuel tanks, ice chests, and cell phone cases.  The array of earth tones and contemporary blends encompassing the spectrum of light reflection would make the make-up artist that is in charge of the local Miss Main Street contest green with envy.   Next time you’re out and about, just take a second and look for the rainbow of harvest implements and support gear. (more…)

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