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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Well, veterinarians are about to get really busy!  Our non-representing representatives just rammed government health care down our throats!  So, now I guess we can get medical treatment paid for by China at the speed of the post office with the compassion of the IRS and the red tape of the USDOT!  But, I’m not scared, according to all the census ads that are on the radio every other commercial, if I hurry, fill it out and send it in, we can ride on an un-crowded bus through our new tunnel, over a new bridge with extra traffic lights around the new school on our way to the poor house…  Makes me wonder just what Will Rogers would say about all this? (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  It’s SPRING BREAK!  Get the sun tan lotion and the ski wax.   

Or, maybe load up the hog, goat, sheep and fat calf along with the shavings, the show box, the boom box, the FFA or 4-H jacket, the oat groats, beet pulp, and all sixteen buckets of some sort of magic dust that every past grand champion used, the fan, the blower and sixty-eight miles of extension cords.  Be sure and load the starch for the jeans and the blocking chute.  Call the vet and get the health papers, call the coach to coordinate show times and ball game times and be sure and book us for that marriage retreat in two weekends!  Oh, did anyone call the hotel and ask for a late check-in!!?  Where in the world is the spare tire and 4-way for the trailer?  (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Census time!  It’s time to be counted.  Yep, our Constitution says that we the people shall be counted every ten years.  Here is what it says to be exact.  (Article 1, Section 2) “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” 

Ok, I see where my constitution tells me that I’m to be counted every ten years, but where in the world does the constitution say that it shall sponsor a NASCAR???!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Greg Biffle’s number 16 car sponsored in part by the Census 2010!  They even brag about it on the web site “2010.census.gov.”  Here I was still wondering how the census could ask some of the questions they ask and wondering where in my constitution it gave the government the right to ask them.  But, I guess since they sponsored a NASCAR they can ask anything they want????  I think before I answer one question, I want them to answer my question of how many tax dollars were spent on a sticker on a race car and who authorized it?  Oh, but I better answer the questions because we might get a bridge or a tunnel out of the deal…  (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  It’s gonna have to be a short one this time around; my chief editor is a bit under the weather.  So don’t pay any attention to spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar.

My only thought worth pinning this past week has to be politics.  Toyota comes to mind.  First, in no way am I sticking up for a Japanese auto maker!  BUT, I would whole lot rather take my chances in a Toyota that is for certain flawed than take any chances with the current United States Congress!  I can’t believe the clowns in congress had the owner and president of Toyota in front of them and congress had the nerve to lecture this guy.  At least Mr. Toyoda realizes he has to start listening to his customers!   The General Motors board of directors (Congress) will have to face their customers (voters) very soon.

Give me a sticky accelerator any day over Obama Care.  At least I can decide not to get in a bad car, and if I happen to be in one, I can then decide to jump out!

Oh yeah, the Humane Society of the United States is in a big, bad lawsuit for racketeering, fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.  And, once again the H$U$ will spend millions to try to get out of this and no animals will be helped at all.  Don’t send any money to these frauds; donate directly to your local animal shelters.  They actually care for animals.

Congrats to all the local basketball teams and good luck getting to that gold ball! There is nothing like having the chance to play in the “Big House.”

I’m Monte Tucker, and that is what’s under my hat.

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