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Howdy friends and neighbors.  It was a cold son-of-a-gun here in Sunny Point Christmas Eve!!  I haven’t been through many winter blizzards, but that was about the worst 12 hours of a winter storm that I can remember here!  To borrow a line from Larry the Cable Guy, it was so cold last Thursday that I saw Al Gore burning tires!  It was so cold I saw Dick Cheney shoot a quail and it shattered! (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  My place just isn’t geared up for several days in a row of below freezing weather!  When it’s that cold, well houses freeze, engines won’t start and you had better plan your next pee break because you have on so many clothes that it takes fifteen minutes to get undressed!

And how about this, why is it that every time our elite, so-called leaders and non-representing Representatives hob-knob with other worldly elites for a summit on global warming, we see a major winter storm and frigid temperatures all across the nation????  While do-gooders were in Copenhagen making plans to curb human impact on the so-called warming of the earth, it was snowing in San Diego, El Paso, and Houston, plus there were fifteen foot snow drifts in Iowa! (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Bring on the toys!!!  I’ve been…oh, somewhat good this year.  

Upon special request, I have a cattle market report.  The lighter, the better…  Unlike most universities and trade magazines, I say that this year cattlemen would be better off weaning lighter calves.  Let’s just take a look at the cash markets.  (USDA reports from several auction markets in Oklahoma, large and medium No. 1) OKC West had a hot sale last week and just about all classes of cattle were up, but let’s compare 463# steer calves to 668# steer calves.  463# steers sold for an average of $1.25 per pound or $578.75 per head.  668# steer calves sold for $.96 per pound or $641.28 per head.  If you sold a 668# steer you could go to the coffee shop and brag about how heavy your calves were and that they sold for more than $600 bucks and I wouldn’t blame you.  I too weaned heavy calves this year.  The good Lord provided rain, the cows converted grass to milk and the calves gained like I wanted them to.  That’s good.  But when I compare a 463# steer to a 668# steer, I see that 205 pounds of gain from 463# to 668# is only worth $62.53 or 30 cents per pound.  (more…)

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