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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Here it is Sunday evening once again, as I sit down to write this, and what a gorgeous day!  Absolutely beautiful!  Cool and calm with some moisture in the air and a little in the ground.  We sure could use another rain though.  Of course, the only time I’m not wishing for a rain at Sunny Point, Oklahoma is when it is raining.  Then, I’m hoping it doesn’t stop for a while.  I’m doing my part to make it rain.  I’ve got the lid open on the grain bin, I’ve got the windows down and cattle mineral on the back of ol’ tan, but this is the clincher, I’ve got some of the best hay down I’ve had in a long time!  And if that doesn’t stir up a good storm, well I might have a shot at that Governor’s chair and Pepper “the wonder dog” could be the next Attorney General. (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Mark your calendars!  Dad and I spotted frost flowers this past week; so, in 60 days we should see our first frost.  That puts it here on…. October 17th.  A frost flower, according to Sunny Point urban legend blooms around 60 days prior to the first frost of the fall.  If you want to look for some they stand about two feet tall out in pastures, light green with a white flower like thing-a-ma-bob at the top.  Sorry, I don’t know the scientific name for this plant.  But as far as my prediction goes… it was two days off last year and hey, my guess is as good as anybody else’s.


What’s that noise from outside?  What are those dogs barking at???  Oh I’ve got cattle out!  See ya next week!



GuEsT LeTtER tO the eDitoR:


This is Pepper “the wonder dog,” Tucker’s top cow hand.  Anyhow, the rumor around the barn yard here is that the old wind bag thinks he’s going to make a run for the governor’s seat here in this state.  Well, he’s as full of it as that young pup the other day that got into a fifty pound sack of high protein baby calf milk replacer.  Yep, Tucker thought it was me until the rookie couldn’t go fifty feet the other day gathering steers without stopping with the gut pain.  Ha, ha, ha.  Oh he had a bad case of the squirts.  I took notes though cuz I ain’t no fresh hound anymore and when nature needs a helping hand, I’ll go to the milk sack!  (more…)

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 Howdy friends and neighbors.  Once again here I sit with nothing to write about.  Not watching the news anymore makes it hard to come up with stuff to write about.  I can’t put my Sunny Point twist to the current mess of politics.  So here is what I have decided to do.  Are you ready for this bomb shell?  

I am officially announcing my candidacy for Governor of the great state of Oklahoma!  Yep, I’m going to throw my hat (that went through the combine) in the ring and challenge the professional politicians for the top seat in the state! Ok, would someone get my wife some oxygen or maybe a paper sack?   (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Look out!  It’s back to school time!  I was standing out on my front porch this afternoon and I could hear the groan of thousands of kids across the country as the thought of summer coming to end and school cranking up soon entered their minds.  So, remember this next couple of weeks to watch out for the cheese wagons (yellow school buses) and the cargo they will be carrying.  It all seems to go by so fast. (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  What a week!!!  It rained and cooled down here in Sunny Point, Oklahoma.  Last Thursday was absolutely gorgeous because we were wet and the temperature peaked out at 78° F!!  No kidding, on July, 30th 2009!  It’s still amazing to me how this country can go from miserable to paradise in such a short time.


I have a short one this week but I believe it to be on the money.  I’m going to go ahead and dive into the health care debate.  I only have one angle but I believe it is the best angle that anyone in the media could take if the bobble head idiots would come off of their Obama high and use common sense again.  And, to give credit where credit is due, my friend Chris planted this idea in my head.  Thanks Chris.  This single theory will determine if the new health care plan that Washington, D.C. can’t wait to shove down the throats of the American people is a good plan or not.  Are you ready? (more…)

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