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 Howdy friends and neighbors.  I just returned last week from the big farm show in Oklahoma City and there were miles of neat stuff that I would like to have.  Not sure if I need it, but it would be fun to have.  Of course there were even folks there selling big barns that I could put all that stuff in.  I enjoy a good farm show.  I get to walk around like I’ve got money and bug and question exhibitors.  It’s lots of fun. (more…)


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         Howdy friends and neighbors.  There is just nothing like the smell of rain.  The clean, crisp, damp air enters your nose and tickles your toes.  It is amazing how this country I live in can go from miserable and mean to absolutely beautiful overnight.  We finally caught a little rain this past week, but we could always use a little more.


I’m ready for the wind to slow down a few knots now.  Sunday, the wind was doing what wind is supposed to do, blowing, and as we started to get out of the pickup to go into church, instinct took over and it was automatic that I wait until my wife got out and shut her door before I opened mine. (more…)

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           Howdy friends and neighbors.  There can’t be anything under my hat this week because it left western Oklahoma and is now somewhere in south Texas!!  It was up in Kansas a few days ago, then I watched it go back by Saturday afternoon.  Whew! It’s been windy here.  A friend of mine just decided that he loves the wind.  Yep, he allowed hating it wasn’t doing any good so he thought he would just try loving it.  Several years ago I was complaining about the wind blowing one day and an older, wiser gentleman looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, “What else is the wind supposed to do?”


            The other night some friends were over and as we scarfed down some thick, juicy rib eye steaks the conversation turned (somehow) to hauling hay.  Primarily hauling little square bales of hay.  Then it hit me.  Here’s a topic I could write an entire book about!  I believe that every person that has a sliver of a tie to a farm or ranch has a story to tell about hauling, stacking, baling, feeding, sitting on, standing on, laying on, or building forts for a good gourd fight out of, small square bales of hay.  It was fun to listen to the stories of my friends and family as they told about the good old days and making good money hauling hay.  And yes, even I have several stories about my hay hauling days.  The difference is that I don’t remember making good money doing it.  Of course it wasn’t the hauling that bothered me, it was the stacking that I didn’t like.  It seems that the whole time I was bucking bales up several tiers, I was thinking to myself that there had to be a better way.  I would think to myself, “why didn’t they just use a round baler?” (more…)

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