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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Nope, not a word about the media hyped inauguration day.  It’s not worth my time.  Let’s look at something a bit lighter.


Here a while back my 4-year-old boy noticed his cousin had a blanket that he liked to have while he slept.  Mason decided that he too needed a “snuggle” to accompany him to dreamland.  So, Mema to the rescue and we now have a snuggle blanket.  Mason doesn’t have to have this cloth pacifier all the time, but when he thinks about it, look out, we’ve got to have it!  After watching him carry this little blanket around, I tried to remember if I had something that I had to have to go to bed.  All I can think of is a pillow that had a duck on it.  I think I kept that poor thing until I was in high school.  Thus, research was needed. I called my Mom and she said that I never really had a snuggle or one certain thing, but I always had to have some type of farm implement!  Funny, now I need one in the yard, only its payments are keeping me up at night instead of helping me drift of to restful sleep.  Anyway, I hope this stirs in your mind what it was that you had to have. (more…)


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         Howdy friends and neighbors.  The holidays are long gone and I’ve finally got my wagon back in the ruts and headed forward while looking right at the south end of some north bound mules.  Progress!


Well I haven’t mentioned Congress in a long time and I’ve been better because of it, but I can’t pass this up.  Has anyone besides me noticed that while congress and the administration took a break for the holidays, the markets gained strength and rallied?  From the Dow Jones to the S&P, feeder and fat cattle, wheat, corn, cotton, rice, and even crude oil and natural gas made a little improvement.  But the moment that the pin stripes and hot air converged back in good ol’ D.C., down we go.  Wheeee!   Then the chosen one, the President-elect, made a bold statement by saying that in his $700 billion dollar economic handout bill, “there will be NO pork!  Change is coming.”  That’s like me handing an overflowing plate of rib eyes and T-bones steaks to a starving pack of wild dogs and looking into the camera and saying, “there is absolutely no beef involved!”  He’s giving congress a 700-pound hog while patting himself on the back for holding the pork.  Now, what’s any different from Bush? Real change we can’t afford.  Mr. President-elect, you promised change but the very first bill that is headed to congress is an exact copy of Bush’s.  Sorry, I had to get that burr out of my hatband. (more…)

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          Howdy friends and neighbors.  Thank you all so much for your kind words over the last two articles that somehow made there way out of my medulla-oblongata and onto my flat screen monitor.  The response was overwhelming and I’ll try my best to continue on.  Your response makes this experiment worth trying. (more…)

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