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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Someone call Al Gore and tell him that his global warming cure has worked.  I’m looking at the calendar and it shows we are in the middle of August but the thermometer at 4 o’clock in the afternoon has reached it’s high of the day at 68º F and it has been raining!  Thanks Al, you can go to China now where people have to wear gas masks to walk around outside.  Take Harry Reid and sister Pelosi with you.  In just a few short years, I bet those three amigos would have China believing they are doomed and have them regulated into recession. (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  It looks like if we need real news reporting nowadays we are going to have to subscribe to the National Enquirer.  Another prominent, elitist, super-politician (Sen. John Edwards) who stands at podiums and makes speeches on how I should live, has admitted to an affair.  The National Enquirer broke this several months ago.  Of coarse, now all the major bobble-head media has put this story up front and the sales department has a reason to sell ads again.  Well, Senator Edwards can get some good advice from Bubba Clinton, Rev. Jessie Jackson and the latest guest on the Jerry Springer show.  I’m laying 6 to 1 odds the next scandal will involve someone with an elephant on their lapel pin.  Enquiring minds want to know. (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Oh Dolly, where did you go?  We only got a few drops.  But I guess that beat 105 degrees and no wind.


Round one is complete in the state of Oklahoma as voters somewhat turned out for the primary elections and for some counties and state races it was the final.  This is going to be my big gripe this week; why do county races have to be partisan?  Can anybody other than a career politician answer this question?  This past week I have heard several complain about not being able to vote at all for some county offices.  I learned this several years ago when I went to the poll one day to vote for my county commissioner and was denied the very right that I thought this country was founded on; the right to vote.  Well, thanks to the R’s and the D’s, this system has been totally messed up just like everything else they deal with.  Then I guess it all makes sense.  That day that I, a US born citizen, 18 years or older, with no felony, a registered, legal voter did not have the right to select my commissioner, my sheriff, my county assessor and my state representative.  But, I have a legal obligation to pay my property taxes that support these offices.  Talk about taxation without representation.  Ever since then, this issue has turned in my gut.  I think to myself about my granddad that dodged bullets in Italy so America’s freedom would not be threatened.  And here I stand at my polling place and can’t get a ballot because I happened to be the wrong party.  AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! (more…)

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