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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Sorry about last week but about the time I was going to start writing my weekly mess, a thunderstorm rolled through and the power went out. I wasn’t sure how to hook an old typewriter up the Internet.  Well, wheat harvest has been in full swing the last couple of weeks and I believe we’re on the downhill slide in this part of the country.  Yields seem a little better than average and test weights are good.  Looks like there are more fields with combine tracks in them than standing wheat.  Also, the price just keeps going up. (more…)


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Well, how many of you have seen or read the headline, “Food vs. Fuel?”  It seems every time I pick up a publication I see this headline followed by an argument over who is to blame for the increase in the price of food.  The media is trying to blame farmers for the run up as the farmers are seeing record high commodity prices.  The cowboys, chicken boys and hog boys are blaming the ethanol boys for causing corn to go through the roof.  But, they are begging at the back door for the byproduct of ethanol, which is a high-grade feed.  And the ethanol boys are now mad at the natural gas boys because natural gas is through the roof and for some funny reason; it takes natural gas to produce ethanol.  Meanwhile, the natural gas boys are mad at the electric company because their electric bill is higher and for some funny reason, the natural gas boys use electricity to run big compressors.  I’m confused!  But wait.  A train burns diesel to haul coal that is used to make electricity so the natural gas company can compress their gas to send it to the ethanol plant so they can turn corn into ethanol and feed byproduct so we can feed it to cattle that could just eat grass!  But, in order to make lots of grass we need fertilizer that is made from natural gas that is compressed by electricity that is made from coal that is hauled with a bio-diesel train. Then in order for a farmer to spread the fertilizer he needs energy from a soda pop that is made from corn syrup that is made from corn that needs fertilizer that is made from natural gas that is compressed with electricity that is made from coal that was hauled by a train that burns bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is made from soybeans that compete with corn but make their own nitrogen. (more…)

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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Look out! No, it’s not the Hillary express!  It’s a loaded wheat truck headed for town.  Wheat harvest is in full swing in Western Oklahoma as combines eat their way through the 08′ crop.


Have you ever stopped to notice all the colors of harvest?   I mean there are more different shades of colors of trucks, tractors, combines, grain carts, service trucks, fuel tanks, ice chests, and cell phone cases.  The array of earth tones and contemporary blends encompassing the spectrum of light reflection would make the make-up artist that is in charge of the local Miss Main Street contest green with envy.   Next time you’re out and about, just take a second and look for the rainbow of harvest implements and support gear.  (more…)

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