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We just put up two new posts for your reading pleasure.

“Change?” is the article that has been traveling the world in electronic form since January.

“None of the above” is Monte’s latest.

The back catalog of articles is still coming soon. Thanks to all who have visited. Please bear with us as we get everything up to full speed.


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Howdy friends and neighbors.  Wow!  I simply cannot believe the response I have received about my January 28th column on the presidential campaign.  I have received e-mails from across the nation written by lots and lots of good, common sense folks.  It’s truly humbling.  A lot of them have asked if I would consider running for President, but I assure you, I had way too much fun in college to run for that or any other position.  Many times, at my extra-curricular activities, a camera was present.  It was all harmless fun as I was influenced, scratch that, I was part of instigating mountains of trouble.  Many of the friends who were right there with me are still my best friends even today.  I guess I could just appoint all of them to a do-nothing, high-ranking position.  See, I know how the game works.


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