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Howdy friends and neighbors. Just when you think you have seen it all, man, do I have a good one to tell. You’ll have to read this one all the way through. I actually had cows stuck on an island in Sunny Point Oklahoma! The last few days on the ol’ Tucker homestead have been a little hectic with tornados near by, raining buckets, water gaps out galore, shipping big yearlings in knee deep mud, and a cat in heat somewhere in the old barn. Somewhere in all that I neglected the cow herd a bit. But all the cows are belly deep in green grass with growing calves with milk mustaches at their sides and a new, young, stout bull to make fun of and gossip about. They have full ponds of fresh water, the better part of a salt block left and the flies aren’t too bad yet. They’re basically in “cruise control.”



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